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COSMOS Amarr, Constelation Araz
Aphi Security: 0.5
Civic Court Plaza
Chari Shakai Amarr Nurtura Distribution 2 0
Stem Robikar Amarr Inherent Implants Administration 2 0
Contested Amarr Sanguine Vaults
Chanoun Security: 0.5
Governor's Audience Chamber
Nossa Farad Amarr Kador Administration 3 0
Odan Poun Amarr Imperial Navy Security 3 0
Kador Military Outpost
Lord Manel's Mansion
Manel Kador Amarr Kador Administration 1 -20
Garisas Security: 0.5
Contested Amarr Mine Keep
Port Maphante
Baron Bartezd Maphante Amarr Ducja Foundry Administration 3 -20
Jakri Security: 0.5
Caor Korduin
Kofur Karveran Amarr Kador Internal Security 2 0
Gate to Garisas
Jeeta Neek Amarr Imperial Navy Security 4 20
Mandor Neek Amarr Imperial Navy Command 4 20
Zaestra Kuramor Amarr Emperor Administration 4 20
Koona Security: 0.5
Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood
Thumnal Ebotiz Amarr Amarr Certified News Intelligence 3 0
Sheroz Amokin Amarr Imperial Construction Manufacturing 4 -20
Munory Security: 0.5
Ader's Roadhouse (planet V moon 3)
Ader Finn Amarr Imperial Trading Registry Archives 3 0
The Bonfire
Hetras Dakumon Amarr Imperial Armaments Administration 2 0
Ormon Parsik Amarr Theology Council Administration 3 0
Nidupad Security: 0.5
Carchatur Outpost
Amir Arshah Amarr Imperial Armaments Distribution 3 0
Torval Kerth Amarr Carthum Conglomerate Public Relations 3 0
Imperial Palace Complex
Ammargal Detrone Amarr Emperor Internal Security 4 20
Zimse Security: 0.5
Imperial Administrative Complex
Zach Himun Amarr Emperor Advisory 3 0
Zar Forari Amarr Imperial Shipment Distribution 4 15
Museum Arcana
Thakor Udokas Amarr Royal Amarr Institute Advisory 2 0
The Curator Amarr Theology Consul Archives 3 0

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