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COSMOS Gallente, Constelation Algintal
Alsottobier Security: 0.5
Contested Canyon of Rust
Audaerne Security: 0.5
Augnais Security: 0.5
Nickel & Dime Store
Pattok Nortul Thukker Tribe Trust Partners Distribution 1 0
Iliere Angetyn Thukker Tribe Trust Partners Distribution 2 0
Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation
Barmalie Security: 0.5
Colelie Security: 0.5
Contested Gallente Azure Chasm
Survey Station
Aaked Oshaima Caldari Wiyrkomi Corporation Administration 2 0
Schabs Xalot Gallente Roden Shipyards Manufacturing 3 0
Deltole Security: 0.5
Contested Gallente Skeleton Comet
Gate to Hidden Path
Gate to Yan Jung Ruins (p VI m 1)
Sebast Mathon Gallente Caille University Advisory 3 -20
Municipal Junkyard
Krester Rupptofs Thukker Tribe Trust Partners Distribution 3 0
Wrtuk Formur Thukker Tribe Trust Partners Security 4 0
Fluekele Security: 0.5
Central Administration
Veko Tallaja Caldari Wiyrkomi Corporation Administration 2 0
Aminn Flosin Gallente Roden Shipyards Storage 3 0
Onreun Coen Gallente Federal Intelligence Office Intelligence 3 0
Contested Gallente Roden Shipyard's Outpost
Nilla Elermare Gallente Roden Shipyards Marketing 3 0
Pend Insurance Storage Bin
Jolia Security: 0.5
Grand Future Information Center
Ardden Dasaner Gallente Roden Shipyards Distribution 2 0
Gara Kort Caldari Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Command 4 0
Stargate to Augnais
Babalu Wrezka Gallente Federation Navy Security 1 0
Jordan Usquen Gallente Federation Navy Command 1 0
Timmothy Sawyr Gallente Senate Administration 1 0
Parchanier Security: 0.5
Latent Transmitter
Trex Ameisoure Angel Cartel Salvation Angels Distribution 2 0
Drusk Amakkit Thukker Tribe Thukker Mix R&D 3 0

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