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DPH (Damage per Hit) DPS (Damage per Second)
4 Level Agents
Basic missions
Mission NamePatchEnemyTypeStepsImg
Ambush The Convoy(CLD)SerpentisDeadSpace (no gate)1 
Angel Extravaganza(CLD)Angel CartelDeadSpace6
Angel Surprise(RMR)Angel CartelKill2
Duo of Death(REV)Guristas PiratesDeadSpace1
Duo of Death(REV)Angel CartelDeadSpace1 
Duo of Death(REV)The Blood Raider CovenantDeadSpace1 
Duo of Death(REV)Sansha's NationDeadSpace1
Duo of Death(REV)SerpentisDeadSpace1 
Enemies Abound (1 of 5)(REV)Gallente FederationDeadSpace1
Enemies Abound (2 of 5)(REV)Courier0 
Enemies Abound (3 of 5)(REV)Gallente FederationDeadSpace (combo)3
Enemies Abound (4 of 5)(REV)Gallente FederationDeadSpace3
Enemies Abound (5 of 5)(REV)Minmatar RepublicDeadSpace6
Foil The Military Preperations(RMR)Caldari StateDeadSpace (no gate)2 
Foil The Military Preperations(RMR)Gallente FederationDeadSpace (no gate)2 
Gone Berserk(RMR)Guristas PiratesKill3
Gone Berserk(RMR)Sansha's NationKill3
Gone Berserk(RMR)SerpentisKill3
Guristas Extravaganza(CLD)Guristas PiratesDeadSpace6
In The Midst Of Deadspace (1 of 5)(CLD)Amarr Empire & Caldari StateDeadSpace3
In The Midst Of Deadspace (2 of 5)(CLD)Courier0 
In The Midst Of Deadspace (3 of 5)(CLD)Amarr EmpireDeadSpace3
In The Midst Of Deadspace (4 of 5)(CLD)Amarr EmpireDeadSpace2
In The Midst Of Deadspace (5 of 5)(CLD)Caldari State & KhanidDeadSpace3
Infested Ruins(RMR)Rogue DronesDeadSpace1
Infiltrated Outposts(RMR)Rogue DronesDeadSpace2
Intercept The Pirate Smugglers(CLD)Sansha's NationKill1
Intercept The Saboteurs(CLD)Minmatar RepublicKill4
Intercept the Saboteurs(CLD)Amarr EmpireKill4 
Intercept the Saboteurs(RMR)The Blood Raider CovenantKill4 
Massive Attack(CLD)Guristas PiratesKill5 
Massive Attack(CLD)Sansha's NationKill5
Pirate Business(CLD)Amarr EmpireKill1 
Pirate Invasion(CLD)Guristas PiratesKill5 
Pirate Invasion(CLD)Angel CartelKill5 
Pirate Invasion(RMRp)Angel CartelDeadSpace1
Pirate Invasion(CLD)The Blood Raider CovenantKill5 
Pirate Invasion(RMR)Sansha's NationKill5
Pirate Invasion(RMRp)Sansha's NationDeadSpace1
Pirate Invasion(CLD)SerpentisKill5 
Pirate Slaughter(RMR)Guristas PiratesKill10 
Pirate Slaughter(RMR)Angel CartelKill10 
Pirate Slaughter(RMR)Sansha's NationKill10 
Police Invasion(CLD)Amarr EmpireKill5 
Revenge is sweet(RMR)MercenaryKill2
Ritualist Raids(RMR)The Blood Raider CovenantDeadSpace2
Rogue Drone Harassment(RMR)Rogue DronesDeadSpace2
Sabotage The Supply Line(RMR)Amarr Empire & MercenariesKill4 
Sabotage The Supply Line(RMR)Guristas Pirates & MercenariesKill4 
Sabotage The Supply Line(RMR)Sansha's Nation & MercenariesKill4
Sabotage The Supply Line(RMR)Serpentis & MercenaryKill4 
Sabotaged(RMR)Guristas PiratesKill4 
Sabotaged(RMR)Angel CartelKill4 
Sabotaged(RMR)The Blood Raider CovenantKill4 
Sabotaged(RMR)Sansha's NationKill4
Serpentis Extravaganza(CLD)SerpentisDeadSpace3 
Serpentis Spies(REV)SerpentisDeadSpace1 
Silence The Informant(RMR)Rogue Drones & MercenariesDeadSpace3
Smuggler Interception(RMR)Guristas PiratesKill1 
Smuggler Interception(REV)The Blood Raider CovenantDeadSpace2 
Smuggler Interception(RMR)Sansha's NationKill1
Stop the Thief!(REVp)MercenaryKill2 
Stop the Thief!(RMR)Amarr EmpireKill1 
Stop the Thief!(RMR)Guristas PiratesKill1
Stop the Thief!(RMR)The Blood Raider CovenantKill1 
Stop the Thief!(RMR)Sansha's NationKill1 
The Blockade(CLD)Ammatar MandateKill5 
The Blockade(RMR)Guristas PiratesKill5 
The Blockade(CLD)Angel CartelKill5 
The Blockade(CLD)Sansha's NationKill5
The Blockade(CLD)SerpentisKill5 
The Blood Raider Spies(CLD)The Blood Raider CovenantDeadSpace1 
The Guristas Spies(RMR)Guristas PiratesDeadSpace1
The Mordus Headhunters(RMRp)Mordu's Legion CommandDeadSpace2 
The Mordus Headhunters(CLD)Mordus LegionKill3
The Navy Armada(CLD)Amarr EmpireKill10 
The Right Hand Of Zazzmatazz(RMR)The SevenDeadSpace (no gate)1
The Rogue Slave Trader (1 of 2) The Rogue Slave Trader(RMR)Sansha's NationDeadSpace (no gate)1
The Rogue Slave Trader (2 of 2) Downing The Slavers(RMR)Sansha's NationDeadSpace (combo)2
The Sanshas Spies(RMR)Sansha's NationDeadSpace1
The Score(CLD)Ammatar MandateKill1 
The Score(RMR)Guristas PiratesKill1 
The Score(CLD)Angel CartelKill1 
The Score(CLD)Sansha's NationKill1
The Score(RMRp)Sansha's NationDeadSpace3
The Score(CLD)SerpentisKill1 
The Surprise(CLD)CONCORDKill2 
Unauthorized Military Presence(CLD)Caldari StateKill3 
Unauthorized Military Presence(CLD)Minmatar RepublicKill3
Unauthorized Military Presence(CLD)Guristas PiratesKill3
Unauthorized Military Presence(RMRp)The Blood Raider CovenantDeadSpace (combo)2
Vengeance(CLD)Guristas PiratesDeadSpace3
Vengeance(CLD)Angel CartelDeadSpace3 
Vengeance(CLD)The Blood Raider CovenantDeadSpace3 
Vengeance(CLD)Sansha's NationDeadSpace3
War Situation - Part 1(REV)Courier0 
War Situation - Part 2(RMR)Courier0 
War Situation - Part 3(RMR)Amarr EmpireKill1 
War Situation - Part 4 Finale(REV)Amarr EmpireDeadSpace2 
Worlds Collide(CLD)Guristas Pirates & SerpentisDeadSpace (combo)4
Worlds Collide(CLD)Angel Cartel & AmmarDeadSpace (combo)4 
Important & storyline missions
Mission NamePatchEnemyTypeStepsImg
A Case Of Kidnapping(REV)EoM & MercenariesDeadSpace (combo)5
A Special Delivery(REV)Courier0 
Covering Your Tracks(REV)MercenaryDeadSpace (no gate)1
Duel to the Death(RMR)Guristas PiratesKill1 
Duel to the Death(CLD)Angel CartelKill1 
Duel to the Death(CLD)The Blood Raider CovenantKill1 
Duel to the Death(CLD)Mordu's Legion CommandKill1 
Duel to the Death(CLD)Sansha's NationKill1 
Duel to the Death(CLD)SerpentisKill1 
Fight For The Establishment(RMR)Guristas PiratesKill1
Fight For The Establishment(RMR)SerpentisKill1 
Important - The Kidnapping(CLD)SerpentisKill1 
Materials For War Preparation(RMR)Trade0 
Mercenary Assassination(RMR)MercenariesKill1 
Serpentis Ship Builders(RMR)SerpentisDeadSpace (no gate)1 
The Double Agent(RMR)Caldari StateKill5 
The Double Agent(RMR)Minmatar RepublicKill5
The Double Agent(RMR)Gallente FederationKill5 

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